Launching the Organizing Committee for the CONEX KOREA 2020

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Launching of Organization Committee for CONEX KOREA 2020


KOCEMA(Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association), the organizer of CONEX KOREA 2020(the 11th Korea International Construction Equipment Exhibition) launched the 11th Korea International Construction Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee on June 20, just 18 months before the exhibition was held.  

 The organizing committee is a consultative body composed of the purpose of planning a bottom-up exhibition through reflecting the needs of participating companies, enhancing the internalization of the exhibition's operation, and establishing strategies for mid- and long-term development of the exhibition. We will gather opinions and decide on major issues of the exhibition through regular meeting.

 The OC's overview and the results of the first operation meeting are shared as shown below.

 For the composition of the committee, please refer to the table below. If any of the participating companies would like to join the organizing committee, please contact the exhibition office. (Ms. Jooyeon Sohn/Team Manager/T. +82-2-2052-9331/E.


I. Overview of the 11th Korea International Construction Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee


1. Propulsion Background 

Need a working-level consultative body to discuss ways to enhance the participation of participating companies and to attract more visitors to the event for mistakes

Need an organization to collect opinions for establishing mid- and long-term development strategies and measures, such as inspection of the exhibition's opening cycle, the joint exhibition of similar exhibitions, and planning of regular side events


2. Purpose

Organized and operated "11th Korea International Construction Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee" consisting of major manufacturers of construction machinery to prepare and operate exhibitions more systematically 

Planning contents of the bott

om-up exhibition through the operation of a committee composed of the Representative Director, Director, Director, or Practical person of the major participating companies


3. Expected Effect 

Finding the direction of the exhibition development and establishing a strategic operating system through consultation with participants and association practitioners

Internalization of exhibition composition through bottom-up content planning by reflecting clear needs of participants

Maximize participants' practical participation by conducting joint research and implementation on how to attract visitors with false demand

Establishing strategies for mid- to long-term development of exhibitions to prepare the foundation for continued growth of the exhibition


4. Organizing of operating committees 

Companies : 10 companies(KOCEMA board members, major exhibitors, KOCEMA)

Composition: Chairman (1/Dusan Infrastructure Core), Vice Chairman (1/Daemo Engineering), , Commissioner (7/Soosan Heavy Industries, etc.), Secretary (1/KOCEMA) * Organising committee: See table below.

Period of operating meeting: Quarterly

Agenda items for the steering meeting: approval of the previous session's agenda and proposal and discussion of new agenda



II. Overview of the 1st Operational Conference  

Date: June 20, 2019

Location: Conference Room/KOCEMA

Attendance: a total of 14 members, including 10 members of the organizing committee and KOCEMA employees

Agenda: Formation and operation of committees, giveaway events, auction of used equipment, promotional measures, and use of outdoor area


[Company List of Organizing Committee]



Company Name


 Doosan Infracore

Vice Chair

 Daemo Engineering


 Volvo Group Korea

 Hyunda Construction Equipment

 Soosan Heavy Industries


 Komex Electronics

 Hanwool H&P

 Daedong Engineering




[Photo of the 1st Operational Conference]