KOCEMA concludes barter agreements with two associations

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Date 2021.06.11 Writer 관리자

Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA), the organizer of Korea International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CONEX Korea) concluded a barter agreement with the Construction Machinery Individual Council and Korea Crane Association (KCA) that are in charge of safety training of heavy equipment operators.


With the agreement, KOCEMA has a chance to run promotional videos of CONEX Korea 2021 during the break of the operator safety training programs that are being held via both online and offline. Also, the logos and banners of CONEX Korea 2021 will be posted on their websites with the links.

[Promotional video of CONEX Korea 2021: (3) Benefits to CONEX Korea 2021 exhibitors - YouTube]

The barter agreement is expected to provide benefits to the both sides. Especially, it has opened a way for CONEX Korea 2021 to draw attention of actual operators and users of construction equipment and machinery toward the exhibition more effectively, encouraging influential industry insiders and market players to visit the show.


As for the two agencies, they will install and run promotional booths to the exhibition hall to attract KOCEMA members to visit, greatly contributing to their efforts to boost sales and marketing at site.

Specifically, the Construction Machinery Individual Council plans to run a large promotional booth together with the central division and local associations, and which will serve to attract the construction and machinery suppliers nationwide significantly.


Besides the Construction Machinery Individual Council and Korea Crane Association, CONEX Korea 2021 Secretariat has already concluded an agreement with the Korea Concrete-Pump Association for joint promotion in March.

In the second half of this year, it plans to discuss with the Cargo Crane Association, Korea Hydraulic Crane Association, Auger Boring Association, and others with regard to promotional activities with benefits as their members are the actual buyers of CONEX Korea 2021 exhibitors.


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