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1. Overview


[Objectives] To promote KOREA International Construction Equipment Exhibition 2021 (CONEX KOREA 2021), encourage potential buyers to participate in the event by providing giveaways to the visitors during the exhibition.


[Period] November 10(Wed) ~ 13 (Sat), 2021


[Venue] Giveaway event hall at indoor exhibition venue


[Procurement of giveaway items] Donation by exhibitors, offering discount or purchase by KOREA Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA)


[Giveaway items] Excavators, Attachment(in-kind, discount coupon), part exchange ticket, miniature, department store gift certificate, souvenir, coffee coupon, etc.


[Potential winner] Potential buyers including construction equipment rental business operators, maintenance operators, constructors, equipment operators, etc. as well as visitors


2. How to select giveaway winner and provide free gifts


Drawing lots

Excavators: two winners, on the second day(among those who applied for the giveaway during day 1~2) and the other on the fourth day (among those who applied during day 3~4)

The winners are publicly chosen by lot at the event hall one hour before the end of exhibition for the day


Others: The winner of each prize is chosen by throwing an electronic dice or spinning the roulette wheel

The quantity of free gifts given to the winners for the day will be determined in advance by item 



- For the winners selected at the site, gifts will be sent after checking their detailed address

- If the winners are not present at the site, calls will be made publicly to check their coupon no. and detailed address to send the gift later 

If the winner is not present at the site, he/she will be invited to the fourth day event for a presentation ceremony. In such case, casting lots will be held after the presentation ceremony


Others: Gifts will be provided directly at site after casting lots or delivered later

- As for part exchange coupons, the company name and logo that sponsored the product will be printed onto them to be provided to the winners


Giveaway items

Final list will be announced 


Excavators :



 Attachments :


3. Items and procurement plan by date



Note) 1. The quantity of items listed as No. 1~3 has already confirmed from the demand survey of members of CONEX KOREA 2021 organizing committee. The final items and their quantities will be determined after the end of application submission by sponsors

2. As for part exchange coupons, the host and sponsors will conclude agreements on giveaway sponsorship. Based on them, sponsors will pay the amount and KOCEMA will pay the amount to agents later after the winners receive the parts from them.


4. Benefits to giveaway sponsors


Free advertisement on CONEX KOREA 2021 official directory

* The advertisement fee (for 1 page) is priced at KRW 1.1 million (VAT included)


Exposure of the company name and its sponsoring item in official promotions during side events such as giveaway event, etc.


Promotion of sponsors on large LED display boards and photo walls at the exhibition hall

* Sponsors: Sponsors mean those that provided giveaway items, discount coupons, part exchange coupons, miniatures (more than 10 units) among CONEX KOREA 2021 exhibitors

5. Giveaway sponsorship application


How to apply: Fill in the application form <attachment> and submit via e-mail


Deadline: ~ June 30, 2021


Contact : Min Kyu Lee, Manager


- E-mail :


- Tel: 82) 070-8661-0819