Specialized pavilion for Commercial/Special-purposed vehicles

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Respond to the need to build a marketing place tailored to promote the understanding and development of commercial/special vehicle industry in Korea

Create a synergy effect between commercial/special vehicle manufacturers and visitors by exposing the products as more segmented targets, differentiating itself from previous     exhibitions centering on heavy equipment

Hold expert seminars hosted by the related government agencies and associations (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Environment, Korea Special Car       Association, Korea Commercial Vehicles Industry Association, Jeonbuk Institute of Automotive Convergence Technology, etc.) to encourage the participants (consumers and           persons engaged in the business) to visit the exhibition booths, while building an effective business platform between buyers and providers


□ Exhibition operation


 Composition of specialized pavilions: Company exhibition hall (100 booths) + special promotion hall (10 booths)

 Company exhibition hall

  Area: Approx. 100 booths (900)

  ㅇ Composition of items: Display items centering on commercial/special vehicles

  ㅇ Item categories



 Special promotion hall


  ㅇ Install an entrance gate (for commercial/special vehicle pavilion) and operate the information desk

  ㅇ Display promotional items on commercial/special vehicles in Korea and overseas (video play, brochure, printed materials, signboard, etc.)

    * Include the information on government policy, development status of major domestic providers, industrial statistics, etc.​​​​

  ㅇ Install business zone (and place roundtable, chairs, etc.)​​

  ㅇ Install promotional halls of government/related agencies and associations​​


□ Entry fee


 Booth rental fee (VAT excluded)


​ Note)

 1. Area size of each booth: 9m2(3m×3m)

 2. Offer discounts according to previous history of participation, membership, early registration, and participation size

 3. Visit CONEX Korea website (www.conexkorea.org)-Exhibitor-Exhibiting Guide

 Additional facilities: Participants should request for power supply, wi-fi (internet), and compressed air separately


□ Expected outcome


 Use the outdoor exhibition space as the venue for visitors’ experience

* Time/space allocation during the exhibition will be determined according to the booth size and number of participating companies

 Provide VIP kits to visitors (potential buyers) of specialized pavilion for commercial/special vehicles

  ㅇ Schedule: November 10 ~ 13, 2021(exhibition period)

  ㅇ Targets: Commercial/special vehicle rental/sales business operators and customers

  ㅇ Gifts for VIPs (VIP kit)

    1) VIP lounge pass

    2) Giveaways

     * Prize (mini excavators) drawing ticket and other gift tickets, free food or drink coupons, etc.