Equipment& Attachment Demonstration Event

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Equipment and Attachment Demonstration Plan



1. Demonstration Event Overview



□ Objectives: To showcase how actual products work in the exhibition space, thereby providing opportunities to effectively publicize products’ performance to prospective buyers.


□ Time: November 10 (Thursday) - 13 (Saterday) 2021.


□ Venue: Demo zone in the outdoor exhibition space (see below for exact location and floor plan).


□ Equipment to be demoed


○ Equipment: 14-ton wheel excavator (06W) / free of charge


※ Type of equipment subject to change by prior notice.

※ Demonstrators are to hire their own operators (their license should be presented to the organizer in advance)


○ Materials: Earth and sand, concrete block, kerbs, stones, logs, etc. / free of charge

※ Materials subject to change by prior notice.

※ Material-specific quantities to be confirmed and will be announced in advance. 


□ Equipment for demonstration

○ Vehicles: Wheel-type vehicles only

※ The outdoor exhibition space floor is covered with concrete blocks, hence not for crawler-type vehicles.

○ Attachments: Tilt rotators, grapples, rippers, breakers, crushers, etc.


□ Operations for demonstration

○ Vehicles: Driving, turning, unfolding working parts (booms, arms, etc.).

○ Attachments: Earth moving, flattening, materials towing and moving, etc.

※ No drilling and crushing operations are allowed to protect facilities, materials, and visitors.

※ No breakers or crushers may be used for demonstrations using materials.



                       <Outdoor exhibition space and demo zone plan>



2. Eligibility and Application Process


□ Eligibility: Indoor vehicle/attachment exhibitors that satisfy the following two conditions:

Exhibitors should have at least a certain number of booths in the indoor exhibition space.

- Vehicle: Exhibitors that have at least 10 booths indoors.

- Attachment: Exhibitors that have at least 3 booths indoors.

The same equipment as those used for demonstrations must be displayed in their respective indoor booths.

※ Exhibitors are not allowed to participate in demonstrations only without displaying the same equipment indoors.

* The organizer will be conducting field checks on the opening day and throughout the exhibition. Exhibitors will be excluded from demonstrations if the same equipment are not in the booth.

※ Exhibits in indoor exhibition space may not be moved to the demo zone during the exhibition period.

※ Items displayed indoors must be full-size actual products. No miniatures will be accepted.


□ How to apply: Fill out the attached application form and send it by email.

○ Contact: Minkyu Lee

- Email:, Tel. +82-70-8661-0819


□ Application closes on July 31,2021.


3. Demonstration Program


□ Exhibition confirmation

- The organizer will receive applications and finally confirm and announce demonstrators.

※ The list of demonstrators will be announced. If an exhibitor wishes to demo multiple items, it may do so within the program slot assigned to the exhibitor.

□ Demonstration schedule confirmation

- Based on applications received, the organizer will confirm and announce daily demo programs.

※ When confirming daily demo programs, the organizer will take item-specific dates and time availability into consideration.

※ If many applications, the organizer will finally confirm each demonstrator’s program date and time based on demonstrators’ booth numbers.